Services and Repairs

Fast Turn-around and Thorough Service

Their are 4 Mechanics who are Cytech-qualified and all highly experienced and care to take the time to ensure your bike serviced and fine tuned to its full potential.

Workshop Prices

Individual Part Fitting / Servicing
  • Bike wash and lubrication: up to £12
  • Bottom bracket service/ fitting: £20 plus parts
  • Brake service: £6 per brake plus £5 for cable replacing
  • Brake bleed: Up to £20 (time dependent)
  • Cone adjustment: Up to £10 per wheel
  • Cassette removal / fitting: £5
  • Gear service: £15, plus £5 for part fitting
  • Headset service: £10
  • Headset fitting: £20
  • Hub service: £20 plus parts
  • Fork fitting: £22, plus £6 to cut steerer tube
  • Grip fitting: £3
  • Pedal fitting: £5
  • Tyre and tube replacement: £5
  • Wheel truing from £10 to £25 per wheel, plus £5 for replacing spokes
  • Wheel building: from £25
  • Wheel rebuild: from £30
  • Scooter bearings fitting: £6
  • General part fitting (any other part): £5
Standard Service: £50 plus parts
Work carried out:
  • Set up brake springs and cable tension
  • Re-centre callipers / pads
  • Clean disc & pads/brake lugs
  • Torque the following: – Stem / Bars / Headset / Cranks / Chain-rings / Pedals and Dropout
  • Index gears / Straighten mech hanger
  • Lube all cables
  • Adjust Q/R skewers
  • Adjust hub cone nuts
  • Check chain and cassette for wear
  • True wheel buckles less than 3mm
Intermediate Service: £60 plus parts
Standard service plus one of the following options:
  • Truing of majorly buckled wheels
  • Or Grease and tighten bottom bracket
  • Or Replace cables
  • Or Bearing and axle replacing
Advanced Service: £75 plus parts
Standard service plus all four options listed in the Intermediate Service,
  • Truing of buckled wheels
  • Tighten bottom bracket
  • Replace cables
  • Bearing and axle replacing
Platinum Service: £115 plus parts
Includes all the work carried out in our Advanced Service, plus:
  • Total strip down of bike
  • Wash all components
  • Replace all bearings
Members Discount – All Customers who have bought their bike from us originally will receive a 10% Discount from our service price list.
Storage – Bikes must be picked up within two weeks of completion date. A storage charge will be levied on all bikes left at our premises for more than 14 days after the completion date.
Minimum storage charge: £20, plus £1 for every additional day of storage,
Any bike in storage for more than 3 months may be sold to recover our costs.
Deposits given for Bikes, Parts and Accessories are Not Refundable.