Rock Repairs and Servicing

Our professional workshop, Rock Repairs and Servicing Ltd, is situated in the Off the Rock Cycles bike shop in Seaview Road. Our senior mechanics are industry-qualified and have a minimum of 12 years experience each.

We carry out mechanical servicing and repairs on all push cycles and on most EAPC  (ebikes that meet EU/UK regulations).
We also carry out minor adjustment and fix punctures while you wait, time allowing. 
We can do some electrical repairs too, and carry out diagnostics, but only on some bikes.

When you bring a bike in, we can advise you on the level of servicing and on the parts required before carrying out the work.

Good service to our customers is at the heart of everything we do

We offer a range of service packages as well as individual services and repairs. Some jobs are timed and charged accordingly.

We have re-evaluated the way we calculate costs and restructured our service packages and prices to a simpler system, more advantageous for our customers.

Individual Parts Servicing

  • Brake service: £10 per brake*
  • Gear service: £30*
  • Bottom bracket service: £30 *
  • Brake bleed: from £15 to £30 per brake
  • Dropper post cable replacement £10
  • Cone adjustment: from £15 per wheel
  • Headset service: £15*
  • Hub service: £30*
  • Air suspension adjustment: from £5
  • Suspension service: individually priced
  • Tubeless conversion or refit: from £20
  • Warranty claim processing and labour: £35
  • Wheel truing from £12 to £35 per wheel, plus £5 for replacing spokes
  • Wheel building: from £40
  • Wheel rebuild: from £55

*Does not include part fitting

Individual Parts Fitting

  • Front wheel fitting: £15
  • Rear wheel fitting: £25
  • Bottom bracket fitting: £30 plus parts
  • Cassette removal / fitting: £10
  • Headset fitting: £25 plus parts
  • Fork fitting: £25, plus £10 to cut steerer tube
  • Grip fitting: £5
  • Pedal fitting: £7
  • Tyre or/and tube fitting: £7
  • Tyre or/and tube fitting (wheel with hub gears/coaster brakes):  £10 to £20 depending on time
  • Tyre or /and tube fitting (wheel with EAPC hub motor): £15 to £30 depending on time spent. 
  • Tyre disposal: £2
  • Wrap-around mudguard fitting: £25
  • Luggage rack fitting: £30
  • Other part fitting: time dependent

Service Packages

All our services include a tyre inspection and pressure adjustment, and a bike safety check.

Bike wash and lubrication: from £10 to £20 (time dependent)

Essential Check and Tune: £45

  • Brakes adjustment
  • Gears adjustment
  • Cables and chain lubrication
  • Safety check and torque:  Stem / Bars / Headset / Cranks / Chainrings / Pedals / Dropout

Standard Service: £65

Included in the service:

  • Set up brake springs and cable tension
  • Re-centre callipers / pads
  • Fit new wearable parts where necessary: tubes / tyres / chain / brake pads / cassette or freewheel
  • Clean disc & pads/brake lugs
  • Safety check, align and torque: Stem / Bars / Levers / Headset / Cranks / Chainrings / Pedals / Dropout
  • Index gears. Straighten mech hanger
  • Lube all cables
  • Adjust Q/R skewers
  • Adjust hub cone nuts
  • True wheel buckles less than 3mm
  • On request: FREE registration of your bike on the BikeRegister

Not included:

  • Parts fitting. However, individual part fitting charges are discounted by 25%.
  • Parts supplied are charged accordingly

Platinum Service: £140 + Parts

  • Total strip down of bike
  • Wash all components
  • Replace all bearings

Parts supplied are charged accordingly

Customers Discount – All Customers who have bought their bike from Off The Rock Cycles originally, will receive a 10% Discount from our service price list.

Storage – Bikes must be picked up within two weeks of completion date. A storage charge will be levied on all bikes left at our premises for more than 14 days after the completion date.

Minimum storage charge: £20, plus £5 per week.

Any bike in storage for more than 3 months may be sold to recover our costs.

Deposits paid for bikes, parts and accessories are not refundable.