Test ride before you buy

No commitment test ride

We’re quite keen on people to try a bike before they buy it. As it is an important purchase, it is equally important to get the right bike for the right purpose. A bike you will want to ride, that feels comfortable and that you can trust, that will become a great friend.

We have well over 100 of the most common models ready to try casually in front of the shop. If you want something more specific, or to test ride an electric bike, please get in touch to make sure we have it in.

What you will need to test ride a bike

We need you to leave us with a security before we can let you ride off. Please bring some photo ID and a chip-and-pin bank card. We will take 1p off, to verify the card, and keep your card and ID till you come back. We will ask you to sign T&Cs and take a picture of you.

We will need you to be back within the hour, so that we don’t have to charge you a day’s rental rate.

We will check the bike over, take its picture (any damage is chargeable), and issue you with a helmet for the ride. You can try more than one bike.

Have fun!